7 Best Smartwatches with Camera, Bluetooth and Sim are trending for 2018

Smartwatches with Camera

Technology has changed our life completely. Earlier we had to wait long for sending our receiving messages through letters, keeping yourself in touch with your friends and relatives was not so easy ever before. Now, we have computers and smartphones which made our lives too easy. Technology doesn’t limit itself here, it is continuously innovating new things. One such gift of technology is Smartwatch. Smartwatches are the good add-on to our smartphones. Smartwatches have changed the total use of a wristwatch. This not for checking the time or date only, now you can do a lot more with it.

Smartwatch sends notifications on receiving messages and also provides you with many useful features like camera. Yes, smart watches also come with the camera. Here we are giving you a list of top smartwatches with the camera.

Best smartwatches with camera

1. Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch

smart watches with camera

Samsung is a known and trusted brand in electronics and smartphones, has also worked hard at smartwatches. Samsung gear 2 is an apt example of it. Samsung Gear 2 is a multifunctional smartwatch. It provides you 2.0 MP camera which helps you to take stunning pictures. Video quality you get is also good like Samsung phones. The camera has autofocus option. Apart from photography, you need a lot more functions in a smartwatch.

You don’t worry, Samsung has everything in its package. Samsung gear 2 is perfect for fitness lover as it has pedometer and heart rate monitor for them. Also, it provides you with detailed information about your health. It can be easily connected to your phone with Bluetooth and allows you to access apps independently from Google play.

It has super AMOLED screen plus a stylish look. You can easily check messages, notifications etc. Remote control feature allows you to control your devices with simple clicks. The most impressive feature of Samsung gear 2 is that it is waterproof which makes it long lasting.

2. Arrow – Smartwatch with 360 Rotating HD Camera

Arrow is the first company to launch smartwatches with 360° rotating camera. If you are selfie lover, wouldn’t you like the selfie option in your smartwatch? Arrow gives you this.

Arrow smartwatches are perfect for any selfie lover or photographer. Arrow facilitates you to rotate the camera up to 360° degree, so it won’t be a hassle if you want to take the selfie and in next minute a picture of the landscape. Easy and quick isn’t it? It provides you with HD quality videos, which are easy to record with 360° degree rotating camera. If we talk about other features of the watch, arrow won’t disappoint you. It can be easily connected with your smartphone with Bluetooth feature. Like any other smartwatch, it has an alarm, remote control etc. If you want to use apps, you can easily access them from Google Play. This is one of the best smartwatches with camera for photo lover and video lover.


3. GZDL Bluetooth Smart Watch

DZ09 is as smart in technology as a smartphone. It is a good and stylish watch. The best thing about this smartwatch is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS device. It has 1.54” TFT HD LCD High capacitive touchscreen. It has 240*240 pixel resolution. DZ09 works on perfect match technology.

It has a good camera which allows you to take quality pictures and videos. It has a micro sim slot too. So that you can easily make and answer calls on it. Bluetooth easily connects it to your phone. If you want to check social media updates, DZ09 makes it possible for you. Fitness lover would find it useful too, as it tracks your physical activities and provides you with details. Its color variants are black, white, gold and silver.

4. Qiufeng GT08 Smart Watch 

best smartwatch with camera

GT08 is also a name in the list of best smartwatches with the camera. It is stylish in looks and useful in features. Overall, a nice accessory for your wrist. It easily connects to your smartphone and helps you in getting notifications and messages. GT08 provides you a good camera quality, which is kept at the top of the watch. You can easily click beautiful pictures and are free to make HD videos. The best feature is that you can it remotely. It has a sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, pedometer, and Bluetooth dialer. For music lovers, it is also equipped with an MP3 player.

Its camera is front- facing, which is good for taking selfies. It has a sim card slot, where you can easily place your micro sim. It can be easily synchronized with your Android smartphone. But, if you are an iOS user this smartwatch will be limited to a Bluetooth device.

5. DM98 SmartWatch

Have you ever thought of having a tiny smartphone? Well, the DM98 smartwatch is the one. This smartwatch is simply a wrist smartphone. You can get everything with it. You get a nano sim slot in it, which makes it a smartphone. It has 1.3 million pixels HD camera which is quite good at clicking still pictures and remote shooting.

It runs on MT6572A dual-core 1.5GHz processor. This smartwatch supports both devices iOS and Android. It supports Android 4.3 or above and IOS 7.0. With a 2.2” LCD touch screen you can easily read anything hence browsing internet will be more easy on it. You can also customize it with your favorite themes. Its speakers are good, provides you with perfect call quality. DM98 allows you to make video calls with it, as it has HD video quality. GPS system of the watch also works well. It guides you using latest navigation technology and helps you in tracking exact location.

6. Padgen DZ09 

Stylish in looks, Padgen DZ09 also qualifies in the list of best smartwatches with camera. It fully Android-based device doesn’t support IOS devices. IOS users can’t sync it or use Bluetooth. It has features like Bidirectional and NFC which reduces the need for searching for a Bluetooth connection. It has an anti-loss feature to keep your smartwatch secure.

In looks, you can get different types of bands which suits you. Colors are also available for it. Keeping a watch on your physical fitness is also easy with Padgen smartwatch as it has passometer and sleep tracker.

It supports MP3 and MP4 files so you can easily play your favorite music anytime. Its speakers are good. Another option it provides is electronic business card facility. So, if you are a business person it is a useful watch for you.

7. Aosmart smart watch

Aosmart watches are android phone compatible smartwatches. Though you can use it for the iOS device too, some features won’t work. It has everything in its package which a smartphone would generally have. Aosmart has a good camera that lets you click pictures remotely too.

You could easily get all your phone notifications on your smartwatch and will never miss it. You can send and receive messages and calls like any smartphone. It has sim card slot giving it smartphone properties. Look wise you are going to love it as it is quite fashionable. You can easily able to check your emails regularly. Aosmart is also smart enough to keep a watch on your health. You would get useful fitness features to track it regularly.

Final Words

These were the best smartwatches with camera. We have done our part, now it’s your turn to choose the best one from the list you like and buy it. Smartwatch companies are regularly updating themselves with the latest technology. So whenever you think to purchase it, check for all the features which you would like to have to your watch. Or drop a comment.


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