(Cheap) Top 10 Best Smartwatch under $50 – TOP PICKS [2019]

Buying the best smartwatch under 50 dollars is pretty easy but, finding sufficient specification in this price range is quite severe where you can get from calls to social media notifications, updated health meter and all the best features that expensive smartwatch has.

The smartwatch, which is purposeful, health conscious and happy entertainer are little costly in the budget. If you have enough budget, then you should check out the list of best budget smartwatches under $100. There are plenty of smartwatches available in the market which perfectly fits your price range.

Best Smartwatch under 50

Here, we have the list of best smartwatches for those who can track your activity level, listen to music, capture the great moments with the camera so you don’t miss it also you can wear anywhere and anytime.

List of Best smartwatch under 50 Dollars – Top picks

1. Pebble Smartwatch Black

If you are looking for different colors, and stylistically than this watch is something that you can wear with almost any wardrobe. It just has a very nice aesthetic appeal.

Pebble smartwatch can quickly connect to your iOS or Android device and allows you to see when somebody is calling you as someone who sends you a text. You can read that on this device and do some other things like e-mail, check the calendar and you can access your favorite apps directly on your wrist.

Pebble Smartwatch under 50 dollarsThis watch comes with Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0. Also, it comes with a three-axis accelerometer which is helpful for gesture detection, so you can get a notification on your watch by waving your hand up and down.

This is the best waterproof smartwatch from pabble in your budget so you can go down up to 165 feet so, whether you get in the shower or taking a swim, you don’t have to worry about getting damaged.

However, the Pebble is a trusted device, and the gadget lovers would love to play with it, it is limited in functionality. It is the all-around purpose smartwatch also the Pebble has a new record on life, and it’s more elegant than ever. As a general watch, the Pebble is the best smartwatch under $50.

Note: This is certified refurbished smartwatch as tested by our smartwatch experts. Get new Pebble smartwatch under $100


2. Martian Watches Notifier 

There are plenty of smartwatches like Android wear, Samsung’s gear line, and the pebble, you might think the time for a simpler wearable has long past. But a Martian watches is trusting the other way offering a line of stripped-down analog watches with just a tiny screen for notifications.

Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch - cheapest smartwatchNotifier is two in one device: A typical quartz analog timepiece with the battery life of about two years set by the manual stalk on the right, and a Bluetooth powered smartwatch with a small OLED bright screen and battery life up to five days per charge.

With a resin case stainless steel bezel and beefy silicone band, the watch gives you pretty intense and dainty feels.

If you need a different style of smartwatch (Type: Analog) which will notify you with the variation of the vibration pattern by feel alone in affordable price, Martian Notifier is one the best smartwatches under 50 dollars.


3. ROADTEC Smart Watches for Men and Women Best Seller

Roadtec is the best cheap smartwatch that has powerful features with premium materials and elegant style which give you beautiful touch to your wrist.

This all-day activity tracker monitors your daily activity such as Distance, steps, and burned calories so you can stay fit all the time. At this price, this smartwatch offers a heart rate monitor, pedometer, blood pressure monitor, and a remote camera.

It has a vivid OLED display which helps to see the things in bright lights also it gives you a bright color to view high-resolution images.

This smartwatch can run up to 5-10 days with the full charge. Also, this smartwatch comes with games, and this is the best fitness tracker for kids under $50.


4. Joygift Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android (GT08-Black)

Bluetooth smartwatch compatible with androidStainless steel anti-sweat matte surface treatment, Nano TPU85 material strap, soft strap and ergonomic convex design of this smartwatch is more comfortable and easy to manage. This is a multifunctional smartwatch such as you can call or messages via sim card or Bluetooth optional, pedometer, calories calculation, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring, etc.

The best feature that I like most is the camera which has a 1.3MP camera, can be access to remote photos. Also, you can play music to relax and get notification Facebook, WhatsApp, and many social media apps.

This Bluetooth smartwatch is compatible with Android and iPhone. It perfectly works on Android, But for the iPhone, it supports partial functions including Hands-Free, Music Player, Sync Calls, Sedentary Remind, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Calculator, Clock, and Calendar.


5. Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch  Best Seller

If you’re looking for an inexpensive SmartWatch to work with your smartphone then, Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch is the best smartwatch under $50.

Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch with CameraThis smartwatch comes with an attractive user interface with a camera at the top and the home button at the bottom. Make phone calls with the micro sim, or if you don’t have micro sim then, you can make and receive calls by connecting to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

Padgene DZ0 has a high sensitive capacitive touchscreen which allows you to collaborate with your phone easily. You can play music as per your mood by inserting the SD card, or you can play FM radio.

With the 2.0MP camera, you can capture the photos, and you can also use the smartwatch to control phone camera, Which is a very cool feature that I like at this cheap smartwatch.


6. WJPILIS Touch Screen Smart Wrist Watch

Another budget smartwatch that comes with the sim card slot, camera, Bluetooth, and multifunction etc. This multifunctional smartwatch has wide range compatibility, can be connected with iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy and note’s series, Google Pixel/Pixel XL, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei, ZTE etc smartphones.

best smartwatch under 50You can download and install apps by connecting your smartwatch to phone via Bluetooth, so you can be notified and use WhatsApp, facebook, twitter and other application push messages, also reply to your texts and calls. Track your everyday achievements: steps, distance, and calories burned.

This best smartwatch under 50 dollars comes with 24 hours of battery life. It is not waterproof. WJPILIS Touch Screen Smartwatch is for men, women and for teenagers.


7. Luckymore smartwatch for Android and iOS

This watch is relative to the WJPILIS Touch Screen SmartWatch in the features and compatibility. It is quite different in design, ergonomic convex design and soft strap which make wearing more comfortable. I am adding this watch as per people’s highest recommendation, they love this watch as a cheap smart watch and good ratings.


Best of Best for Smartwatch under 50 dollars

8. Aeifond Bluetooth Smart Watch  Best Seller

Give your BFF and lovers a smart gift, the new Bluetooth Smart Watch – Aeifond is upgraded, easy to manage and comes with many useful functions. This is the two-way working model; •you can install a GSM 2G/2.5G Network SIM Card into the smartwatch to make calls and messages • If you do not want to insert sim card you can directly connect your smartwatch to your smartphone by Bluetooth to make calls.

Bluetooth Smart Watch - Aeifond best cheap smartwatch under 30 dollarAeifond Bluetooth Smart Watch has Bluetooth optional, Pedometer, Sedentary remind, Sleep monitoring, Remote photos, Music playing, Alarm clock, Two-way anti lost remind, alarm clock, voice recorder, muti-timezone, multi-language, daylight saving time and notification push including social media, etc.

It is compatible with both OS; Android and iOS. If you are a fan of apple watch but can’t afford it. You don’t need to be a worry. This is very cheap apple watch alternatives.

9. 321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smartwatch  Best Seller

321OU Touch Screen - best smartwatches under 50
321OU Touch Screen

There is one watch 321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smartwatch which is almost the same features and specifications as the above watch. I am adding this smartwatch to the list of best smartwatch under 50 dollars because this is an excellent watch tested by our expert’s and there are good ratings and reviews by users on Amazon.


10. Robesty Bluetooth smartwatch

With many useful functions and great compatibility, this smartwatch comes with 1.54” TFT LCD 2.5D radian capacitive HD touchscreen with 240 x 240 pixels. It has the basic function with advanced features like Audio and Video Player also Health Management: Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder. Keep your tracker list up to date with the tracking system.

Make and receive calls through the watch, you just need to install GSM -2G sim card to your smartwatch or dial via Bluetooth by connecting to your phone. Make sure you have a postpaid sim.

This smartwatch well connects to the Android devices and use all required features. But it is limited to iOS,  it only supports to make and answer calls, sync contacts, and play music via Bluetooth.

The bottom line for best smartwatch under 50 dollars

These are the best smartwatches under $50 which has enough requirement as you want. Still, If you still cannot decide the best smartwatch for you, contact us. Our smartwatch expert team will help you to find the best smartwatch as per your specifications.

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  1. Been looking for weeks. So confused. Would prefer to spend less than 50 on a smart watch. Main features needed would be SIM card, blood pressure camera (video record) and wifi. I have 3 adult children that work in public and their safety is important. Protecting themselves and getting emergency help is what I am most interested in as well as their health.

    Thanks for any help. Oh, both apple and android phones . Thanks

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